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Learn the latest on soil carbon to increase farm productivity

Farmers looking to learn about soil carbon research and how it can be used on their farms are encouraged to attend a free field day which is being held in the Riverina next week.
The soil organic carbon and nutrients field day is being held at Eurongilly Hall, Eurongilly on 26th June 2013 from 2pm and includes site visits to a nearby property.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research agronomist, Richard Hayes, said farmers and industry advisors are encouraged to attend the event to learn how agronomy management practices can affect soil carbon.

“This field day will bring farmers the very latest on soil carbon direct from three collaborative research projects which are being undertaken by DPI and CSIRO,” Mr Hayes said.

“Storing carbon in soil is extremely relevant to farmers, it’s very topical and there has been lots of research interest and debate.

“There are a range of benefits to farmers if they increase soil organic matter in their soils including increasing farm productivity, because it improves soil water-holding capacity and nutrient retention.

“The field day is very practical with site visits to a nearby farm so producers can see how the research can be applied on their own farms.”

The field day includes:

– Storing soil carbon, is it possible? – Susan Orgill DPI
– Drivers of soil organic carbon – Clive Kirkby, CSIRO
– Site Visit 1– Crop Sequencing Trial – Tony Swan and Laura Watson, CSIRO
– Site Visit 2 – EverCrop pasture mixture trial – Richard Hayes DPI and Tony Swan, CSIRO
– Mr Hayes said the event also provides an opportunity for farmers to share their experiences and discuss the current issues with experts.

“This event is not just about presenting results, it’s about having a discussion with farmers and industry advisors and sharing the facts but also identifying where the knowledge gaps lie. For example, there are substantial technical difficulties associated with accurately accounting for the amount of soil organic carbon in soil,” he said.

The field day is organised by the Department of Primary Industries, CSRIO, Murrumbidgee Landcare, AgnVet Services, Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC).



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