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Illegal snare traps confiscated in Hume Region

Six illegal snare traps designed to inflict a painful and inhumane death on wildlife have been recovered from a pine plantation in Corryong by compliance officers from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI).

The owner of the home-made rope and wire snare traps is yet to be identified and DEPI’s Acting Program Manager Compliance, Leigh Murray, is urging the public to assist in the investigation.

“It is an illegal act and results in the slow, cruel death of an animal,” Mr Murray said.

“The snare traps are designed to go around the animal’s neck and tighten like a noose.”

“They were set-up on a game trail and were almost impossible to spot.”

“The property is not used for domestic stock so we know they were targeting deer, wallabies or kangaroos.”

“Snare traps are illegal in Victoria. The maximum penalty for illegally taking animals under the Wildlife Act 1975 is up to $34,646.”

“Use of a snare trap in taking wildlife is open for a fine of up to $3609.”

“Setting a snare trap may also attract animal cruelty charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986.”

Mr Murray said officers had recently confiscated similar traps on a private property in the Hume Region.

“A kangaroo was killed in this manner and it’s not on,” he said.

“That case ended with a successful prosecution and we hope that we can achieve the same here.”

To report illegal wildlife activity or to learn more, please phone 136 186 or visit

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