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Get your firewood the right way

Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) officers have issued two penalty infringement notices for illegally taking firewood in State forest areas near Corryong.

DEPI’s (Hume Region) Land and Fire Regional Manager, Shaun Lawlor, said the firewood season is currently closed and it is illegal to collect firewood from State forests outside the collection season.

“Two men were each issued with a $563 infringement notice for allegedly taking away two cubic metres or less of fallen or felled trees in State forests,” Mr Lawlor said.

Mr Lawlor said this acts as a reminder to those doing the wrong thing.

“Staff are concerned that there may be unlicensed operators working on a larger scale across the Hume Region,” Mr Lawlor said.

“Firewood from State forest areas can only be sold legally through a licensed supplier.”

“If people are unsure whether they are purchasing from a licensed supplier, they should contact their nearest DEPI office to check before they buy.”

“The illegal selling of firewood is viewed as a serious offence, which is reflected in new legislation introduced in 2012 which allows for penalties of up to $7218 or one year imprisonment or both.”

“The new legislation was introduced to enable members of the public to collect domestic firewood in designated areas without a permit and to protect the environment from improper collection activities.”

“It also helps to create a commercial firewood industry that can operate sustainably and supply firewood to communities.”

The spring firewood collection season is from September 1 to November 30. Keep checking this website for updated firewood collection areas and the rules governing firewood collection.

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