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Crop damage culprits snapped

A new mobile device application or ‘app’ from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is set to disadvantage insect pests causing yield damage to Australian crops.

GRDC Insects: The Ute Guide gives growers clear photos and descriptions of crop damage culprits and beneficial insects that may help be helpful under an integrated pest management (IPM) system.

Tom McCue, GRDC manager delivery platforms says while the app doesn’t include all insects found in field crops, it provides a valuable reference guide for common pests.

“The guide includes photos for multiple life-cycle stages and each insect is described in detail, with information on the crops they attack, how they can be monitored and other pests that they may be confused with,” Mr McCue says.

“Use of this app should result in better management of pests, increased farm profitability and minimum chemical usage.”

He says further advice may be required before making control or management decisions and growers should consult advisers for complete information on identification, management and thresholds.

The app features:

– View by crop region

– Predictive search by common and scientific names

– In-field comparison of insects with ID photos

– In-field identification of beneficial predators and parasites of insect pests

– Option to download content updates

– Assistance to learn about international bio-security pests

Mr McCue recommends downloading GRDC apps while attached to a network rather than on the 3G network.

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