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Electronic sheep ID on show at Rutherglen field day

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) is encouraging sheep producers to attend a field day highlighting electronic identification through the lamb supply chain at Rutherglen on Tuesday, October 8.

DEPI Project Manager Maria Crawford said producers would have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how electronic ID may be used through their entire supply chain to improve their on-farm management as well as their ability to meet market specifications.

“The field day will demonstrate some of the value in moving from a mob based system to an individual animal system and will examine a producer’s involvement in a DEPI project where lambs have been specifically managed on-farm and followed through to slaughter with individual feedback obtained,” Ms Crawford said.

“The day will demonstrate to producers how they can use a simple EID tool on their farm to a more advanced system depending upon the requirements of their production system.

“Hardware and software suppliers will be available to work through the equipment with producers, linking both animal recording and management on farm to computer systems that ensure the data collected is meaningful and utilised.”

EID is a management tool, used for making effective and timely decisions to optimise production and improve the information flow from processors back to producers.

Mark Inglis from JBS Australia will demonstrate the breaking down of a lamb carcase and will discuss the opportunities of using EID through the supply chain from a processor’s perspective.

Presentations include

– JBS Mobile Butcher, Mark Inglis will demonstrate carcase breakdown focusing on processor specifications and industry initiatives;

– How Electronic Identification (EID) enhances carcase feedback;

-A producer’s perspective on utilising EID;

– Practical demonstrations – EID from basic to advanced;

– Software providers and hardware specialists trade displays and information;

– Sapien Technology Gallagher; and

– Shearwell Tru Test TePari.

The field day will be held at DEPI Rutherglen  and will start at 2pm, concluding with a BBQ dinner around 6pm.


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