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Plan for pig productivity

NSW pork producers have been invited to boost their sow herd management skills by attending a free Department of Primary Industries (DPI) farrowing workshop at the Forbes Rugby Club on Wednesday October 23.

DPI pig industry development officer, Jayce Morgan, said that successful farrowing with maximum piglet survival was the key to profitability in any pig management system.

“This practical workshop is designed to address pig industry standards and will cover sow management before and after farrowing,” Ms Morgan said.

“Animal welfare is a top priority and the industry code requires that pigs are managed by competent staff.

“Farmers and workers will have the opportunity to refresh their pig management knowledge, find answers to problems and gain training for new staff.”

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided through DPI’s Tocal College for inclusion in training portfolios.

Sow preparation, what to expect in normal farrowing situations, when and how to intervene in farrowing and the management of outdoor sows in free range enterprises will be covered during the workshop.

Producers will be able discuss specific management issues with a panel of pig industry professionals, which will feature specialist farrowing house staff.

Experienced pig industry veterinarians, Alan Sharrock and Bernie Gleeson, along with free range producer, Kim Roberts, will address the practical aspects of farrowing.

Animal health company representative, Tim Ahern, will guide participants on the vaccination of sows and piglets to maximise piglet survival.

The ‘Getting a good result’ workshop will run from 10.30 am until 3.30 pm with meals provided on the day.

Producers who wish to attend should register by Friday October 18 with Jayce Morgan, 0428 416 518 or

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