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Cropping in the digital age: support at growers’ fingertips

Farm dogs beware – digital technology is increasingly proving to be a grain grower’s best friend.

The digital age is providing growers with easy access to resources and support tools in their quest to lift efficiency and productivity, according to the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

GRDC’s Manager of Delivery Platforms, Tom McCue, says technology is rapidly changing and making it possible for growers and advisers to capture farm information in real time and share this information immediately with a wide network.

“Data can be captured in cloud-based systems, enabling it to be viewed and analysed across multiple platforms,” Mr McCue said. “Growers and advisers can access large volumes of information almost immediately upon its capture – making on-farm decision-making quicker and more efficient.”

Mr McCue said the GRDC was converting some of its research, development and extension outputs into easy-to-use and accessible applications – such as Weed ID and Insect ID apps – and more decision-support tools are planned for the future. The GRDC has also reviewed the range of decision-support tools available across Australia and made these accessible via the GRDC website,

Many of these tools, which provide support for a range of agronomic, farm business and farm equipment issues, are outlined in a new Ground Cover supplement, Cropping in the Digital Age, which is now available for viewing and downloading via

“I encourage growers to use these tools and provide feedback to their developers so they can be further enhanced to meet growers’ needs,” Mr McCue said.

The GRDC is also piloting social media and electronic platform training workshops for growers and many of the tools outlined in the Ground Cover supplement will be demonstrated during the workshops.

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