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Getting serious about grass seeds

Sheep producers are invited to attend the Grass Seed Awareness workshop in Tamworth on 23 October aimed at increasing awareness of the issues of seed contamination in the lamb supply chain.

Department of Primary Industries’ Development Officer, Sheep Performance, Geoff Casburn said producers, livestock agents and service providers are invited to attend the workshop in Tamworth which is part of a national series.

“Grass seeds pose a significant threat to production efficiency throughout the lamb supply chain, including to on-farm health, welfare and profitability,” Mr Casburn said.

“Participating processors will present information about how seed contamination affects the processing sector and will describe how all sectors of the supply chain have come together nationally to promote solutions to the inefficiencies caused by seed contamination.”

Topics covered by a number of industry speakers include:
– An overview of the National Grass Seed Action Plan
– Grass seed impacts (on-farm through to processing)
– Reducing grass seed – agronomy and management options
– Standardising feedback for producers
– Penalties and development of a PIC database – A National approach

Mr Casburn said nationally, all sectors of the lamb supply chain have come together under the guidance of Meat and Livestock Australia, to begin work on a National Grass Seed Strategic Plan.

“The intention is for all sectors of the industry to work together to tackle the seed contamination issue and reduce the inefficiencies caused, the end result being decreased costs for processors and improved returns for producers,” Mr Casburn said.

“Work has begun on developing a standard national language for describing seed contamination in carcases and a standard format for how feedback is supplied to lamb producers.

“Discussions have also taken place on introducing standard penalties for seed contaminated carcases and the development of a national PIC database which would identify properties that have seed problems.

The workshop will be held at Tamworth West Diggers Club, Kable Avenue from 10.00 am – 12.00 noon on Wednesday 23 October. This is a free event.

For more information contact Geoff Casburn on 0428420886 or Geoff Duddy at Sheep Solutions on 0427007490.

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